Your data is only as safe and secure as your backups are. Here at CapitalW, we offer a few different backup solutions. Ranging from onsite solutions that use your internal network to save all your data, and offsite solutions that securely store your confidential data in our secure location, data disaster is a problem of the past. One of the main reasons customers choose CapitalW is due to our dedication of file redundancy and getting your systems and information back online after any incident. Did the accountant accidentally delete that Budget Analysis Excel file for the entire year? Did your power go out and cause hardware failure resulting in all of your data lost? CapitalW is here to help. We always have a team on-call that can go to your property within the hour, to minimize costs and time lost, and maximize profits. Whether you want a 5-day backup (redundant file backup over a five-day overlapping timeframe) or a month backup, we can and will provide the best solutions for you.